The Girl I Once Knew

i love this blog… you’ve captured my feelings towards someone and turned my miserable history into powerful poetry unexpectedly. Lovely poetry keep doing what you do


The Girl I Once Knew

 (a true story)

I know that we were together a long time ago
And that we haven’t talked for two years or so
You were my first love
And you said that you loved me
But I didn’t believe that whole- heartedly
But that is not what this is about
I saw you earlier
Hiding in the outside cracks of the mall
Leaning back against the wall
With the stoners and drugees
Your physical appearance is still beautiful and lovely
But by you doing drugs and hanging out with stoners
Your soul is going to become ugly
Sometimes I feel like Jay Gatsby
And you’re Daisy
When I see you
my mind goes numb and my heart beats like crazy
When I hear of you I get in a daze
But all of our memories has faded into a haze
And we drifted apart…

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Love unique people,experiencing new things and people,love to travel even if its from my backyard to the shop😉😄.. im attracted to girls ,i have a fear of not being accepted by who i worship.. i am Christian,16, born on the 30th of December 1998 in South Africa Kwa Zulu-Natal St Maries

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